A website for a freelance photographer, a recipient of several awards, who has dedicated their lifetime to the art of live, black and white photography, with a focus on humanistic documentary photography. The website is designed as a gallery showcasing their essays, featuring an e-shop for their photographs and calendars.

Web Genetia

Genetia Biosciences is a data-driven biotechnology company focused on optimizing hemp and its applications. The core objective of their work was to provide clients with an understanding of laboratory procedures and present hemp through 360° photography.

UX & UI web Gazetisto

Gazetisto is a platform for independent authors who want to write, record podcasts, or create videos. It is essentially a gallery or blog for small authors who want to earn a little something from their writing. In this project, a completely new website was created, along with an environment for authors and subscribers.

Web Den vodíkových technologií

Hydrogen Technology Day is an event that takes place once a year at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University. This time, an informative website was created for this event. The purpose of the website was to communicate the event schedule, date, exhibitors, and speakers in a clear and organized manner.

Praga a los Ojos de Veronika

Veronika Černá is a translator who provides assistance in Prague primarily for Spanish-speaking individuals. A complete visual identity was created for her. It included a “logo” that was intended to be a simple text representation without a symbol, as well as a business card and a leaflet for direct communication. For online communication, a one-page website was created, which had to communicate in three language versions.

Web Lean-cat

Lean Cat is a Czech company specializing in hydrogen technologies. During this work, a website was created that encompasses three technological sectors and presents them with equal importance. Emphasis was placed on cleanliness, clarity, and comprehensibility. The project included motion effects to achieve a sense of lightness for heavy machinery.


The web clicker game Hypermarket.digital was created in response to the current consumerist world. In today’s society, sustainability and quality are often overshadowed by quantity. I programmed the game using HTML, CSS3, and JavaScript.

Atelier website

When designing the website, we drew inspiration from the functioning of the studio as a space whose visual identity is primarily shaped by constantly evolving content. The main goal was to break free from established web conventions and express the uniqueness of the studio through this medium.


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