Pictogram & navigation

The design of the navigation in the FUD building included not only the design of the orientation solution, but also the creation of pictograms for the Inica font family. The color was chosen based on its prominence in a space that is dominated by different visual smog.

Project: I am

I am a creative being who is not limited by people, time, or space. I am not defined by my results, but by my mindset and creative process. That’s why I have created a blanket that reflects all of this and provides space to work in warmth, thanks to the holes for the hands.

Font Sardinka

Sardinka is a contemporary, humanistic, sans-serif font distinguished by its ink traps. I created this font for the purpose of exploring the field of typography, characters, and shapes. The font is designed for printing.

Book: Existence

Anything or any organism can exist, but we may not know about it. We may not have a clue about what it is, where it is, or why it exists. That something can remain hidden from us and yet be present with us. The book “Existence” explores the hidden entity in the animated forest that engulfs everything. Something quietly and invisibly lives there. It is precisely because of its concealment and lack of understanding that it can exist.


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