Poster: NO UA

Poster ironically reacting to the war situation in Ukraine. Exhibited in the supermarket gallery.

Poster: Inner world

The poster is based on the themea: thinking outside the box of our knowledge.

Project: I am

I am a creative being who is not limited by people, time, or space. I am not defined by my results, but by my mindset and creative process. That’s why I have created a blanket that reflects all of this and provides space to work in warmth, thanks to the holes for the hands.

Dream Creatures

This gallery represents the recorded monsters that visited me in my dreams.

Poster: Open to public

Poster for the Open Day at the Faculty of Art and Design in Usti nad Labem. The poster is expanded into the virtual environment of social media.
The poster was designed to catch the attention of parents of teenagers or young students who are potential candidates for undergraduate studies at FUDU.


A sketch can say more about a person than a thousand words.

Poster: Please, no stress…

In these posters, I focus on a crucial moment in which a person decides what to do.

In the depicted situation, a person can overcome their stress and resurface or panic and sink deeper into the depths. It is precisely these moments of decision-making that I dedicated the comics to. These are the moments that are vital to our lives.

Skrytá příroda

The Bachelor’s thesis represents the visual representation of poetry in the form of a book titled “Skrytá příroda” (Hidden Nature) that responds to Japanese tea culture, which venerates nature, the moment of encounter between individuals, and their return to human values during the timeless period of tea, when the mind and spirit calm down and regain the ability to enjoy the presence of the given moment.

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