Book: Existence

Anything or any organism can exist, but we may not know about it. We may not have a clue about what it is, where it is, or why it exists. That something can remain hidden from us and yet be present with us. The book “Existence” explores the hidden entity in the animated forest that engulfs everything. Something quietly and invisibly lives there. It is precisely because of its concealment and lack of understanding that it can exist.

Book: Teorie buchty

The publication was created as a tribute to a former assistant of the studio.

The book is composed of quotes gathered from former students, which were spoken by the assistant during consultations. Similarly, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to typeset it using typographies that were created during his tenure in the studio, serving as a reference to his excellent teaching methods.

Skrytá příroda

The Bachelor’s thesis represents the visual representation of poetry in the form of a book titled “Skrytá příroda” (Hidden Nature) that responds to Japanese tea culture, which venerates nature, the moment of encounter between individuals, and their return to human values during the timeless period of tea, when the mind and spirit calm down and regain the ability to enjoy the presence of the given moment.

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