The ampersand is a character I’ve never been able to create. It became part of a despair that needed to be humbled and bridged. A calligraphic ampersand was created, based on the original et.

Project: I am

I am a creative being who is not limited by people, time, or space. I am not defined by my results, but by my mindset and creative process. That’s why I have created a blanket that reflects all of this and provides space to work in warmth, thanks to the holes for the hands.

The web clicker game was created in response to the current consumerist world. In today’s society, sustainability and quality are often overshadowed by quantity. I programmed the game using HTML, CSS3, and JavaScript.

Project: Splash

I set out on this project to further explore the 3D program and learn more natural simulations.

UFO face filters for instagram

Instagram filters for the Festival of Contemporary Illustration and Comics. This year, FIK took place in an online space with a bunch of alien-themed face filters.

It was wonderful to observe how not only children but also adults had fun with them. Bringing joy brings joy.

Book: Existence

Anything or any organism can exist, but we may not know about it. We may not have a clue about what it is, where it is, or why it exists. That something can remain hidden from us and yet be present with us. The book “Existence” explores the hidden entity in the animated forest that engulfs everything. Something quietly and invisibly lives there. It is precisely because of its concealment and lack of understanding that it can exist.

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